Back in 2002, I discovered the wonderful Zero 7 during the heyday of chill out electronica.  I was able to see them live, and the female singer blew me away.  Years later I put two and two together that this amazing singer was none other than Sia.  She’s now a household name due to her hit “Chandelier” and other compositions, performed by herself or by others.

The sad thing about Sia is that her wonderful talent is buried by her eccentric looks.  She’s insecure, we get it, but singing with your back to the audience?  Crazy wigs covering your face at every public appearance?  To me, it’s too off-putting, and I am turned off.  Even the album art for her new album is irritating to me, silly even.

If you can get past her bizarre behavior, I strongly recommend her new album, “This Is Acting.”  It’s composed of songs she submitted to pop royalty but were refused.  She believed in the songs so much, she recorded them herself.  Put it on with headphones, forget the awful album cover, the ridiculous videos, and immerse yourself in the music.  Her voice is amazing, the abundant hooks and melodies will swoop you away.  The lady may be a complete nut job, but you can’t deny her talent.

Check out “Alive,” “Move Your Body,” and “Unstoppable” from the new album.  Some career highlights below.








The Raveonettes are back with an unconventional new single with an unconventional  new theme.  Rather than release a full album of new material, the band will release a new single each month (AKA Rave-of-the-Month), each unrelated to the last.  The first Rave-of-the-Month is “This World Is Empty Without You.”  It has no guitars.  After the noise-pop/wall of sound that was their last album “Pe’Ahi,” this single sounds right out of left field.  After a few listens, it sounds like a perfect addition to the Raveonettes canon.  Rave on kids!

This World Is Empty Without You


On top of the exciting new album from Pet Shop Boys on April 1, we have some other great music to look forward to!


On February 5, Florrie releases her new single “Real Love” to the world.  She’s contributed to the Xenomania production team, been a fashion model, and when she has free time, she makes her own music.  Several fantastic EPs, plus one-off singles and collaborations.  Hopefully, the time is finally right for her to drop her much anticipated album!


All Saints return after a decade away with a new album entitled, “Red Flag,” to be released in April.   Their last album, “Studio 1” was a departure from their smooth R&B sound that made them UK household names when they first arrived in 2000, and it took many fans by surprise.  This album was my introduction to the band, and it was an instant classic!  I hope “Red Flag” is more “Rock Steady” than “Pure Shores.”

The first single “Strike Back” will be released on February 26.  It was inspired by the divorce of bandmate Nicole Appleton from husband Liam Gallagher.


Little Boots returns with a collaboration with RAC.  Available now.

Magic Hour


Zara Larsson


I think this girl will go far.  Maybe not a household name in USA kind of far, but I think she will do well for herself.  She is gorgeous, has a unique voice, and she’s caught the ear of the blogosphere.  Her sound is a mix of Europop and American R&B.  You might call her a toned down version of Tove Lo. “Lush Life” is her latest single, and “Rooftops” is one of my favorite songs of last year.

Lush Life


Bad Boys


She’s Not Me (Parts 1 and 2)

Margaret Berger

Norwegian Idol alumnus Margaret Berger is back after a long hiatus (it’s been a few years since “I Give You My Love” was released).  Apparently, she had record label issues (how many times have we heard that??), but now she’s back on her own label called Berger naturally.  It’s a electronic ballads affair, quite pleasant.  An official video is promised in February, and hopefully more tunes shortly thereafter.  Here’s the track, followed by some of her other tracks for those new to her.






Will You Remember Me Tomorrow?

Feed You My Love

Pet Shop Boys are back!

After an advertising campaign asking, “What is Super?”with little details other than a song snippet, the answer was revealed today.  “Super” is the new PSB album due April 1, produced again by Stuart Price, who also produced “Electric.”

Here’s the launch video, which highlights the track “Inner Sanctum.”  It’s going to be a long wait until April!


Super Launch Video

Karin Park

Karin’s latest album “Apocalypse Pop” is criminally not released in the US.  I don’t understand why record companies do this; in the digital age, it shouldn’t be difficult to release an album globally.  Have you ever gone to watch a video on Youtube or on a site, only to find that the content is not allowed in your country?  INFURIATING.  In any case, I strongly suggest you seek out this album.  I don’t know much about her other than she makes emotional, moody electropop, and her voice reminds me of the other Karin from the Knife.  Here are some standout tracks.


Look What You’ve Done

Human Beings


Apocalypse Pop Megamix


Alex Newell

Finally, a Glee alum that I can stand behind.  Alex is biologically male, but often dresses like a woman.  His voice can stand tall with some legendary soul divas of the present and past.  Let’s just say he defies categorization.   He has a new solo project coming in February, and if it’s anything like these collaborations, the 21st century may have its own Sylvester.


This Ain’t Over

Collect My Love

Random Black Girl

All Cried Out