On top of the exciting new album from Pet Shop Boys on April 1, we have some other great music to look forward to!


On February 5, Florrie releases her new single “Real Love” to the world.  She’s contributed to the Xenomania production team, been a fashion model, and when she has free time, she makes her own music.  Several fantastic EPs, plus one-off singles and collaborations.  Hopefully, the time is finally right for her to drop her much anticipated album!


All Saints return after a decade away with a new album entitled, “Red Flag,” to be released in April.   Their last album, “Studio 1” was a departure from their smooth R&B sound that made them UK household names when they first arrived in 2000, and it took many fans by surprise.  This album was my introduction to the band, and it was an instant classic!  I hope “Red Flag” is more “Rock Steady” than “Pure Shores.”

The first single “Strike Back” will be released on February 26.  It was inspired by the divorce of bandmate Nicole Appleton from husband Liam Gallagher.


Little Boots returns with a collaboration with RAC.  Available now.

Magic Hour



One thought on “Upcoming

  1. This is great news! Florrie is one of the best, and hopefully All Saints will keep the POP rolling 10 years later. Can’t wait. Oh, and Little Boots is back in top form!


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