Back in 2002, I discovered the wonderful Zero 7 during the heyday of chill out electronica.  I was able to see them live, and the female singer blew me away.  Years later I put two and two together that this amazing singer was none other than Sia.  She’s now a household name due to her hit “Chandelier” and other compositions, performed by herself or by others.

The sad thing about Sia is that her wonderful talent is buried by her eccentric looks.  She’s insecure, we get it, but singing with your back to the audience?  Crazy wigs covering your face at every public appearance?  To me, it’s too off-putting, and I am turned off.  Even the album art for her new album is irritating to me, silly even.

If you can get past her bizarre behavior, I strongly recommend her new album, “This Is Acting.”  It’s composed of songs she submitted to pop royalty but were refused.  She believed in the songs so much, she recorded them herself.  Put it on with headphones, forget the awful album cover, the ridiculous videos, and immerse yourself in the music.  Her voice is amazing, the abundant hooks and melodies will swoop you away.  The lady may be a complete nut job, but you can’t deny her talent.

Check out “Alive,” “Move Your Body,” and “Unstoppable” from the new album.  Some career highlights below.






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