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Shut Up And Kiss Me


Reach No Higher


Young Guns


Great tunes, hot off the presses!



Rather than creating playlists of songs and sharing them after amassing a fair number, this blog aims to share great music as I come across it (while the music is still fresh, before advertisers snatch it up).

My first post will be about my Queen of Disco, Miss Róisín Murphy.  Straying from the cool electro sounds of her masterpiece “Overpowered” and the disco/house grooves of several  collaborations,  her latest album “Hairless Toys” is an unconventional trip of beautiful weirdness (and a Mercury Prize nominee). Leave it to clever remixers to tweak her original compositions into something a little more accessible.

Maurice Fulton infuses some disco magic to her track “House of Glass.”  It reminds me a bit of something Sade would do in a very funky mood, but it’s still very much a Róisín track.  Róisín liked it so much, she made a video for it!


House of Glass (Maurice Fulton Remix)


Another remix that brings some extra magic to the original track without straying too far from the album version is the Prosumer Remix of “Unputdownable.”  Once this gets under your skin, the melody will play in the back of your mind for days.


Unputdownable (Prosumer Remix)


Finally, my favorite track on the album gets a few memorable remix treatments.  Here are two stand-outs.


Evil Eyes (Hercules & Love Affair Remix)

Evil Eyes (Claptone Remix)